Friday, April 13, 2007


Well, I never meant to be absent for so long. doesn't seem I was missed though as I still have no comments.

A LOT has changed though. I never was able to repair the afore noted computer. A friendly pc repair man let me return a power supply that didn't fix it. Apparently it's something in the motherboard.

Thats fine though, I'm now using my wifes computer (yes I finally got married. Dec 22)
I have my own computer as well (wonderful gift from my BIL (brother-in-law))
It's pretty nice (better than the old emachines) over a gig of ram and I found a good deal on a video card at wal mart radeon 9550 256mb with hdmi and s-vid outputs. the processor is the thing slowing it down now I think. I forget what its got but I still have my emachines if it's still works...

I have dialup now... that is... hard to say. never imagined I would be back on 56k.
and it would have to be now, during the big boom of youtube and everything else that I can't do.

My electronics job is soon to be no more. I found a new job as my current job's pay isn't enough, the persistent nag for more production is idiotic for the pay with no word of increases (even though I'd get about 50 cents more in 2 months, I still wouldn't be making money)

On May 7th almost a year after starting my current job I will be starting a new one. The company makes paper or something like that. putting it on these HUGE rolls that would crush you (crushed by paper, thats an odd thought) I'll be taking rolls and putting them onto a machine called an "extruder" I forget exactly what it does, coats the paper in a poly coating or something. Starting pay is about 2.50/hr more than what I make now and it's half as far (driving two hours to work and back gets old fast and near $3.00 gas prices don't help)
benefits are way better. so we'll see how it goes. and if it doesn't work out or I don't like it, I have a backup plan this time.

I guess thats everything in The World Of Brandon for now.