Monday, March 27, 2006

Happy Birthday!

Yesterday my friend Kyle gave me a supprise.

He let me borrow his Xbox a few weeks ago (since he has an xbox 360) and yesterday we were talking about it, and he turned to leave and said "happy birthday Brandon." "what?" I replied,
"just think about it..." I was shocked and said "you really mean-" "Brandon, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!"

just like that. so now I own an Xbox. and thats that.

man I just love Google Earth, it's endless fun. I can have an adventure anytime, and go ANYWHERE in the whole world. If you don't have it, YOU NEED IT!
it's better than just using a map (I wish I had a laptop so I could take it with me.) because you can find the exact place you are looking for. In city's most restaurants and buildings have been pinpoint marked by other Google Earth users, you can even mark your own places and upload them for others to see.

well, thats all for this time. I promise I'll soon get to work on uploading something cool like a comic or something.


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