Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Changes Ahead Mateys!!

Well, I have not posted on here in a while. So I guess I should get you caught up...

I had an interview Monday at a place called Palco Telecom. They repair Motorola cell phones mainly. I passed my soldering test (even though I have not used a decent iron in close to two years) and my interviews went very well. My previous experience seemed to help me out a lot.
I'm really exited about it all. The pay isn't really what I'd like to be making, but it's better than what I currently make, and it's only a start, I'll get raises, and benefits.

I passed the drug test and background check with flying colors :-) that was good news (I would have been very supprised if either returned bad results)

on to my next thing real quick then I'm off to bed-I know, I know but it's 4:30AM and I have to work tomorrow.

I modded my Cold Heat soldering iron (if you can call it that) It still doesn't work that well, and I don't recommend them, but if you have one and you want to try something simple to perhaps give it more power and save alittle battery juice, try disconnecting the light LED on the front. I just clipped one wire at the connection to the LED in case I needed to put it back on, it still works.

I saved this as a draft and finished it up today, my dad was up getting ready for work.

Thats all for this segment of The World Of Brandon


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