Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Magic Smoke

My computer kept crashing a couple nights ago. I vacuumed the dust off the CPU fan (it was pretty dusty) I thought maybe it was overheating. I have done this numerous times over the years and never had any problems. I tried to turn it on... nothing. I unplugged it from the back, and plugged it in again, and it came on, but only sort of. The power light didn't come on. The CPU fan spun but that was it as far as I could tell.

then bad came to worse...

I smelled something familiar yet very unwelcome-smoke.
I quickly hit the switch on the surge protector. Then sat back in horror, thinking of how this happened. The only thing I can figure is that static from the vacuum hose got to my PC (why I never had this happen before I don't know. It never occurred to me really.) so now I have to find out where it's fried and replace it I guess. I hope since the power light/button doesn't work it is the power supply, but I doubt it will be that simple. I won't have the money to fix it for who knows how long...

I remember in Electronics class we would often fry various components (usually resistors) many times it was intentional, a few times it was due to trying to overpowering a laser pointer or something. My friend and I would joke that once the magic smoke came out of a component, it would never work the same if it worked at all. Those were good times-these are not.

so, that is what's happening in The World Of Brandon


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